Bylaws (english version)

Bylaws of Svenska SCT®-föreningen

 §1. Name of the organizational

The name of the organization is Svenska SCT-föreningen.

 §2 Aim and activities

1. Svenska SCT-föreningen is a non-profit organization..

2. The aims of the organization are to put SCT into practice by building a systems-centered® organization and to promote SCT in Sweden.

To build a systems-centered organization, the meetings and activities of the organization shall be conducted by implementing the SCT methods, norms and values.

To promote SCT in Sweden, the organization shall pursue the following activities:

l  Promote the spreading of information about SCT in Sweden.

l  Promote quality in the practice of SCT in Sweden.

l  Promote the arrangement of SCT training opportunities in Sweden.

l  Be a network for people interested in SCT.

l  Be a connection between SCTRI and Swedish SCT-interested people.

l  Support and keep track of research on SCT.

 §3 The organizations relationship to SCTRI

  1. The organization shall have gotten an organizational license from SCTRI, and is committed to the responsibilities towards SCTRI that is agreed at the receiving/renewal of this license.
  2. The organizations activities shall be conducted in accordance with the SCTRI Basic Values, which are enclosed in the bylaws.

 SCT® and Systems-Centered® are registered trademarks of Dr. Yvonne M. Agazarian and the Systems-Centered Training and Research Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization.

§4 Organization of SCT Sweden

The organization shall be founded on that the general members steer the activities by election to   management roles (by functional criteria) and by decisions made at meetings according to the following: 

            At the annual meeting are elected

  1. The chairman of the annual meeting, to lead the negotiations of the annual meeting, the secretary of the annual meeting, to write the minutes of that meeting,  and two members to check those minutes.
  2. The board of the organization, to lead the organizations activities.
  3. The election committee, to propose names for the management roles to the annual meeting.
  4. The accountants, to revise the boards annual report, accountings and use of the organizational means.

 §5 Membership

  1. Membership is open for everyone that sympathizes with the goals and values of the organization and SCTRI and has a willingness to work in accordance with SCT norms and methods. Membership is received by paying a fee to the organizations bank account together with communicating name, address, phone and e-mail address to the board.
  2. A member that seriously damage the organization or seriously work against it´s aims can  in the last instance be expelled, by decision of the board. Decisions like that are to be made in accordance with SCTRI Basic Values, and reported to SCTRI, the accountants and the annual meeting.

 §6 Meetings of the organization.

 The annual meeting and extra annual meeting constitutes the organizations highest authority.

  1. The ordinary annual meeting is held once a year on a day that the board decides, but before the end of June. Apart from that, the board has the right to convene the members to other organizational meetings when it finds suitable. The board shall also convene members to meetings when it is called for by the accountants or by at least 10% of the organizations members.
  2. At the ordinary annual meeting the following items should be taken up:

3.1  The annual report of the past year, together with the accountants reports.

3.2  The question of  granting the board discharge for the time that the accounts reports cover.

3.3  Election of board members (two of them for two years and one or two of them for one year).

3.4  Election of two accountants for a year each.

3.5  Election of the election committee. That committee shall be constituted of three persons and be elected for two years.

3.6  Setting of the membership fee.

3.7  Other questions that are presented by the board or by the accountants or individual members.

  1. The annual meeting is opened by the chairman of the board. After that, the chairman and secretary of the annual meeting are elected by the present members.
  2. A written notice to attend the annual meeting shall be sent to the members at least three weeks before the meeting. The board summons to other organizational meetings at least 14 days beforehand.
  3. Notice to attend and messages to the members can be sent by e-mail.
  4. The annual meeting is open also for interested non-members, in the roles of observers, not participants in discussion or decisions.

 §7. The board of the organization.

  1. The board is the organizations highest executive authority in all matters.
  2. The board executes decisions that have been made my members, plans for the organizations continuous activity, makes decisions in all issues that are actualized during the period of activity about which directions are not made elsewhere in the bylaws, presents plans and decisions to the annual meeting, and takes responsibility for the on-going administration.
  3. The board of the organization shall consist of at least three, if possible four, members. The members are elected by functional criteria at the ordinary annual meeting. One to two members are elected for a year and two members are elected for two years. All board members shall be members in the organization. SCTRI has the right to appoint one more board member, in addition to the three or four elected by the annual meeting.
  4. The board can when needed call in more members.
  5. If none of the board members are SCT licensed, an SCT licensed consult shall be engaged at  at least 5 meetings a year.
  6. The chairman, treasurer and secretary of the board are appointed for the coming year when the board is constituting.
  7. The chairman will secure that board meetings will be held in relation to need. The board shall meet at least 4 times a year. At board meetings, minutes shall be written and approved by the chairman plus one more board member appointed to that role.  
  8. The board is authorized to make decisions when at least 3 board members are present.
  9. The decisions of the board are to be made in consensus in accordance with the values and norms of SCTRI and using SCT methods, especially Functional Subgrouping. A decision in consensus also means that each member of the board accepts to hence forward stand behind the decision and work for that what has been decided shall function as well as possible, whether or not he or she agrees with the decision. If the board can´t make a consensus decision, a consultant from SCTRI shall be hired.
  10. Board meetings can be held on the phone.
  11. To board meetings, all members of the board shall be invited.
  12. Board meetings are open to all other members of the organization, in observer role, not participating in discussions or decisions.

  §8. Membership fee

  1. The size and period of validity of the membership fee are decided by the ordinary annual meeting after a proposal from the board.
  2. If a member cannot pay the membership fee, it is possible to negotiate the fee with the board.
  3. A member that has not paid the membership fee in the given time, even after having received a reminder, is considered resigned from the organization.

 §9. Accountings

  1. Three persons, appointed hereto by the board, shall be authorized to legally and individually represent the organization.
  2. The accountings of the organization shall be registered by the year of the calender. The accountings, including all documents associated with that, shall be presented for review by the accountants, together with the annual report of the board.

 §10. Audit

The annual report of the board and the accountings of the organization shall be reviewed by two accountants. These are elected at the ordinary annual meeting for the period until the next annual meeting. The accountants report shall be presented to the the ordinary annual meeting. 

 §11. Exit from commission of trust in the organization

The commission of trust in the organization will expire prematurely if a member or the annual meeting, that has elected the member, requires it.

 §12. Change of the organizations bylaws.

To change these bylaws, a decision in consensus by the ordinary annual meeting is needed, or, if that does not prove possible, a decision with 2/3 majority. Any proposal for changing the bylaws shall be made to the members at the invitation to the annual meeting.

 §13. Resolution of the organization.

  1. To resolve the organization, decision by two sequential ordinary annual meetings are required.
  2. At the resolution of the organization, the board shall, after the carrying out of all economic duties of the organization, have at its disposal the remaining funds in accordance with decision made my the annual meeting and in accordance with the basic values of SCTRI.


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